Scheherazade Books and Music - So You Want To Bring Us Your Books - FAQ

Do we accept books?
Of course we do, where else would we get all these fantastic titles we put out each and every week?! In fact, our favourite customers are the ones who bring us books. That being said, there are a few things we do have to note:

First and foremost, we are very, VERY picky. Trust us, when you are buying books from us, you'll appreciate this; when you're trading them in though, we recognize, sometimes it can be a little perplexing, even frustrating. So...

Why won't we take some books?

• We don't carry that genre. We are a small shop, we've had to be selective in what we carry. We do not carry romances, text books, most pop-fiction, horror, most westerns, True crime, and some others.

• Condition. We sell high quality used books; thus we only accept high quality used books. Staining, torn pages, highlighted or written in, odour, all reasons we'll say no. If your books are, shall we say, well loved, that's wonderful--nothing makes us happier than knowing a book has been well loved--but unfortunately it's not for us.

• Overstock. Sometimes we just have too many copies already, and we'll just never be able to sell the book you've brought in, no matter how good it is. A good example of this is Life of Pi. Wonderful book; if you haven't read it already, you should, it's really quite good. But when you're done, unfortunately, we won't accept it at the shop. We have an orange and blue pillar in our book vault that's nearly as tall as a Harlem Globetrotter--all Life of Pi. Such is the nature of good books sometimes.

What are my books worth?

Well, the world of course! Realistically though, we give between one and four dollars in-store credit for books, and each book is evaluated on a case by case basis. There is no formula like in some larger used book stores (We're readers, not mathematicians!), but we're always fair.

How does the credit work?

We've asked again and again, but our landlord just won't accept books for rent. No accounting for some people's taste! For this reason, we have a fifty-fifty system with our credit. This means you can apply credit to 50% of the cost of any used merchandise you buy. Our prices are already pretty low; cut those in half and trust us, you'll often leave the shop feeling like you've gotten away was something --it's a delicious, naughty, feeling... you'll love it!

Does my credit ever expire?

No, it will outlive you if you don't use it! We don't pay interest however, so don't include your store credit as part of your retirement savings plan.

Do you pay cash for books?

We do. Occasionally. Rule of thumb: we give much less than we would with in-store credit, we're much more picky, and we won't take nearly as many of your fine volumes. And really, who doesn't want more books: Why wouldn't you want credit? But if you're moving, or it's an estate liquidation or something, we'll see if we can negotiate something fair.

When can I bring you books?

Anytime we're open. However, if the buyer isn't working, we're too busy, or there's just too many books to go through, we may ask you to leave them with us. We'll assign a value and get back to you in a day or two.

What if you have a lot of books?

Yeah, I hear you: books are heavy. If you have a large collection and don't want to lug it down to the shop, no problem--we're happy to do a home visit and go through your collection. Typically we can set up a time in the evening, or on a Sunday sometime. Just give us a call.

What about books we don't take?

You can take them somewhere else, of course, but we have an arrangement with some local charity shops, and they come pick up books we don't want on a monthly basis. Leave them with us and we'll handle them, if you wish. We like to think there's a home for every book.

And what about music?

Records and CDs are another passion of ours. Same procedure and rules as above, basically. For record collections, however, I prefer to come to you. Oh, and yes, credit is completely interchangeable: books for music, or music for books, no problem.

Still have questions?

Give us a call, we'll elaborate on our policies, arrange to come look at your collection, or just talk books. Store number is 693.9948.